Busy Board for Toddlers - Backpack

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At a glance

  • Classic Montessori toy
  • Getting dressed made easy
  • 12 different dressing activities
  • Made from soft, sturdy wool
  • Detachable straps to wear as a backpack

Product Overview

Develop independence

All too often, learning to handle a zip or do up shoes happens in a hurry, as you’re rushing out the door. Whether it’s parent-led or child-initiated, attempting something new in a high-stress moment discourages learning. By creating a safe space for kids to explore fastenings in their own time, you’ll give them a head start on tackling important life skills and reduce the stress of getting out the door for everyone. This is particularly important for kids starting school.

Getting dressed busy board

Designed to help little kids learn to dress themselves, this La-la-llama toddler busy board features 12 different dressing activities. Each activity uses real clothes fastenings, from snaps and buttons to zips and laces. Made from soft yet sturdy wool, this busy board comes with detachable carry straps so you can turn it into a backpack. Adding the straps gives your child another skill to practice, getting them ready for carrying their own school bag.

12 different activities

Kids are fascinated by real tools, which is one reason this busy board is such a hit with preschoolers. Easy to personalize, thanks to the white name label space, this busy board makes a great gift. Fine motor skills toys are particularly appropriate for preschool kids as they lay the foundation for writing, scissor skills and other school activities.

Great for travel

Ideal for at home, and easy to pack for travel or eating out, this La-la-llama activity backpack is great for younger and older toddlers alike (with appropriate supervision). Little kids will simply explore the fastenings, enjoying the success of beating a tricky new challenge, while older kids may also integrate it into imaginative play. Whether you’re going down the road to grandma’s or across the country by plane, this activity board is a perfect companion for your little one. The board folds up for easy storage