Busy Board for Toddlers - Opposites

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 At a glance

  • Montessori-inspired busy board
  • Solve the puzzles or discuss the opposites
  • Promotes  fine motor and literacy skills
  • Made from sustainable wood
  • Great for independent play

Product Overview

Toddler busy board

With a fun playground theme, this opposites busy board has been carefully designed to provide a fun yet educational toy. Created by parents and designed with real kids in mind, the latches, slides and doors on this busy board are sturdy and durable. As it doesn’t require batteries and doesn’t make artificial noises, this Montessori-inspired busy board is the perfect choice for in the car, at a restaurant, visiting family, or another special occasion where kids need a little help to stay quiet.

Real-world skills and challenges

Each area in the playground has a different challenge, including opening doors and latches, turning the big wheel and sliding the balloons through the labyrinth. Toddlers will enjoy solving the different challenges, while older kids may use the board as a prop in their imaginative play. 

Foundational skills for preschoolers


Each opposite pair is clearly labeled, and parents may want to help younger kids discuss the opposites or read the words with older preschoolers. 


High-quality materials

To make this toy, natural wood has been smooth-sanded and intricately painted to create a premium finish. All the elements are firmly attached, so cannot be lost. Great for independent play and for sharing with a parent or older sibling, this toy will encourage different skills as it is used in different ways.  Shipped in a presentation box and fully assembled, it’s the ideal gift for kids age 2-4 years.