Busy Board for Toddlers - Steering wheel


At a glance

  • Inspired by Montessori philosophies
  • Steering wheel plus with switches, dial, knobs
  • Promotes problem-solving and motor skills
  • Made from sustainable wood
  • Meets ASTM and CPSIA standards.

Product Overview

Steering wheel activity board

Designed for toddlers and preschoolers, this busy board has interactive elements that represent the main features of a car dashboard. Created for small hands, each feature encourages fine or gross motor skill development and mimics real-world scenarios to help kids develop problem-solving skills.

Open-ended play

This busy board is ideal for kids who love cars, trucks and other vehicles as they can safely explore turning the key or moving the gearshift. Toddlers will enjoy exploring and manipulating the switches or use the steering wheel toy as part of imaginative games, perhaps turning the couch into a school bus or a box into a submarine.

Learning through play

So much fun kids won’t notice it’s educational! While preschoolers won’t learn to drive a car from playing with this sensory board, they will copy their parents, and you’ll start to see exploring develop into imaginative play. With elements that require dexterity to open, this sensory board sets appropriate challenges for younger toddlers yet also encourages the creative play of older children.

Natural materials

Inspired by Montessori philosophies, this sensory board is made of natural wood, tinted with water paint and environmentally friendly varnishes. Designed with safety in mind, the eco-friendly paints plus natural wood make this a great choice for kids and the planet. Meets ASTM and CPSIA standards.