Natural Daylight Floor Lamp - Black

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  • LIKE NOON SUNSHINE - Get the feel of full daylight even at night or on a dull day. This Kenley task floor lamp has a color temperature of 6400K, which is as close to daylight as electric light gets. The energy saving bulb (included) lasts for up to 8,000 hours and uses just 27W of electricity.
  • GREAT FOR READING AND CRAFTS - The floor lamp provides bright, natural lighting without hurting your eyes. It's ideal for anyone who loves to read, do jigsaw puzzles, paint, knit, sew, or do other work with their hands. Lightweight and portable, the Kenley craft lamp is 63 inches tall and has an adjustable 360-degree rotating swivel neck that can direct light where needed.
  • EXPERIENCE TRUE COLORS - Unlike standard electric lights, the Kenley daylight floor lamp allows you to see clear details and accurate colors, making your hobby or work more enjoyable and ensuring better results. Transform your experience with this brand new lamp and make your crafting or work time pleasant and relaxing.
  • BOOST YOUR NATURAL ENERGY - Daylight has been proven to enhance our natural energy levels, allowing us to work more effectively, feel less tired, and be more alert. By simulating noon sunshine, This Kenley floor lamp provides your body with an energy boost that can help you start your day off right, especially on gray winter days, or to give you an energy boost in the evening.
  • STURDY AND RELIABLE - Designed to suit any decor, this modern craft lamp is perfect for your bedroom, living room, or home office. With minimal assembly required, you can easily set it up in just a few minutes. The lamp features a heavy and stable base to ensure that it stands securely wherever you place it. Plus, with a 69in cable, you have the flexibility to position the lamp exactly where you need it.

Like having the sun in your home

Make it easy to see clear detail and accurate colors as you work by using the Kenley Natural Daylight Lamp. Whether you work from home, perhaps as a designer or architect, or need good light for a hobby like reading, embroidery, crochet, puzzles or woodwork, this light will make work and play easier and more fun. This free standing lamp is a full spectrum light with a color temperature of 6400K, which is like having noon sunshine in your home. It shows true colors, unlike standard electric lights, and helps prevent eyestrain.

Boost your natural energy

Daylight has been proven to boost our natural energy levels, letting us work more effectively, feel less tired and be more alert. This Kenley Natural Daylight Lamp mimics daylight effectively so that you feel more alert and awake. It’s an ideal way to start your day, particularly on gray winter days, or give you more energy into the evening. It can also help shift workers adjust. Lightweight and portable, the lamp has an adjustable swivel neck and a sturdy non-tip base. The replaceable 27W energy-saving bulb lasts for up to 8,000 hours. The lamp is 63in (160cm) tall and has a 69in (175cm) cable.