Pink Cordless Drill Set

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  • IDEAL GIFT FOR MOMS & DAUGHTERS - Learning how to do basic DIY and household repairs is an essential step for all empowered ladies. The set makes a great gift for house warmings, Christmas, Mother's Day or birthdays as it can be used for a wide range of projects.
  • FULL STARTER SET INCLUDED - As well as the drill, battery pack and charger, the set includes six most commonly used bits so you can use the drill as an electric screwdriver. It also has 6 drills in 1/16in to 1/4in sizes, extension bar and pink safety glasses.
  • DESIGNED FOR WOMEN - Only 2.4lb and with a soft, comfortable grip, the Nordstrand Cordless Drill is designed for smaller, slighter people. The set packs away into bright pink carry case which makes the whole kit easy to take wherever you need to go.
  • STAND OUT IN STYLE - The bright pink finish on this drill set makes it easy to find and easy to reclaim if someone borrows your tools. Stand out from the drab green crowd with this funky-looking and highly effective set.
  • MAKES DOING YOUR OWN DIY EASY - From hanging pictures to building furniture and craft projects to repairing a bike, this Nordstrand Cordless Drill Kit makes it easy. The front light lets you see what you’re working on while the reverse switch trigger lets you change direction in an instant.

Product Overview

Because DIY can be fun and stylish

Created to be a great all-round tool for home use, the new Nordstrand Cordless Drill Driver Kit now comes with a bright pink finish. Designed with women in mind, this Nordstrand pink drill is lightweight at just 2.4lb and has a soft, comfortable grip. The chassis is slimmer and lighter than many on the market, making it easier to hold if you have smaller hands or a slight build. It also features an extension bar, safety glasses and a bright pink storage case.

Choose a great drill with a fun design

Learning to do your own DIY and basic household repairs is essential for empowered women. This Nordstrand drill is an ideal gift for your mom, daughter, or an independent friend. Why wait for a contractor to be free or your spouse to their grubby tools out and get round to your to-do list when you can tackle the jobs yourself? This high quality set is ideal for hanging pictures, assembling or repairing furniture, tightening screws and many other DIY and craft projects. The integrated front lamp lights up your workspace, saving you from needing extra lighting in tight spaces.

All the technical info you need

This pink Nordstrand drill set is designed to be used with a wide range of materials, from drilling holes in wood or metal to driving in a screw. The drill has a reverse switch trigger, so you can easily change the direction the drill is turning. It has 18 torque settings, which let you adjust the speed and power of the drill to suit the circumstances. The kit includes 6 bits so you can use the drill as an electric screwdriver and 6 drill bits in 1/16 to 1/4in. The 12V lithium ion battery is quick to charge, taking just a few hours. Fully charged, it can run for over 30 minutes at a full load.

Technical specifications:

Speed: up to 1450rpm

Max clutch: 10mm

Max screw dia: 8mm

Charger input 100-240V

Battery type: Lithium-Ion

Rated voltage 12V

Drill weight 2.4lb